About Knack

Lorien Powers has a knack for beautiful industrial jewelry and Nancy Holliday has a knack for applied photography.  Nancy fills the walls of the gallery with her photographs, encaustics and glass as Lorien utilizes the floor of the gallery with glass cases full of her industrial contemporary jewelry designs.  Both Lorien and Nancy love nature combined with texture and you can see this in their art in a variety mediums.

Knack brings two unique artists together to join the eclectic art community, that is Truckee California.  Lorien and Nancy love being a part of this vibrant downtown core.


                                             Nancy and Lorien at the shop.

                                             Nancy and Lorien at the shop.

Lorien Powers

Lorien Powers is an artist who specializes in creating industrial and contemporary style jewelry. Lorien prefers to work with gold, silver, natural gems, and minerals. Known for the decorative features of her work, she employs a wide variety of techniques, including roller printing, cold connecting, riveting, fabricating and forging. She draws inspiration for her jewelry from many different sources, some from nature, some from music (Phish in particular), some from industrial environments. Deeply into consciousness study, she often pays attention to her breath in search for a new idea.

Lorien’s studio is in the corner of an historic building, the Truckee Hotel, which has been around for more than 100 years. Her work is all limited production, with many great pieces being one of a kind including custom designs. She enjoys working in a space that is industrial, recycled, and contemporary, feeling most creative and artistic when surrounded by this sort of inspiration. When she is not hard at work, she enjoys traveling and being outdoors.


nancy holliday

As I get older, I realize that life is all about continuing to explore untouched passions. My first passion was exercise science, where I marveled at the intricacies of the human body and its potential to deliver and move. In the years following, I shifted my focus towards interior design, graphics, web design, and now photography. Each bend in my career has been an opportunity to understand motion, design, and function in a new light. My favorite images are the ones that capture fleeting details of everyday life that will never happen again in exactly the same way. Whether it is the grace of a  dancer's pirouette or a quiet moment of friendship in the otherwise chaotic life of wild mustangs, once that shutter is closed the moment is gone. To further distinguish my images, I love to apply them to different mediums, adding another dimension of texture, complexity, and function.


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